So how might you describe Wavy Dice?
As a kind of quirky rock. In Wavy Dice’s dreams, perhaps, as a kind of rock that sits in a realm somewhere between Beck’s non-rap songs and Brian Eno’s non-ambient songs.

Ali Farke Touré
Bob Dylan
Brian Eno
John Lennon
Syd Barrett
The Beatles
The Velvet Underground
They Might Be Giants

Random Thoughts:
Wavy Dice gets a sense of inspiration by something mix engineer Dave Pensado said in an Electronic Musician (July 2007) interview: “It is better to sound new than to sound good” (That article is no longer on the Web, but apparently he said this a lot.)

This makes one stop and think that the goodness road could lead you astray if you try to be good-as-in-accomplished without realizing that you’re actually being good-as-in-well-behaved. To sound new is not so easy; you can break all the rules and still sound like a standard-issue rulebreaker.

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