Wavy Dice has dozens of songs in various states of progress and disarray. Most are playable, all are written by me (David Weiss), and a few lack words, reprises, verses, etc. Here are a few that are actually hearable, right now:

The Old Man and the Sea and Sky (Take Me Down)(2018)

I’d be really curious to hear what you think of this crazy little number, so give it a spin and let me know. I wrote and recorded the beginnings of it and brought it to Brian DeLizza over at Freqlab for drums, production, and that cool instrument that comes in near the end.

Slow Loris (2013)

I wrote and recorded this one many years ago and then brought it to Brian DeLizza, who added the drums that I heard in my head, and spruced up the overall sound, over at Freq Lab. I’m singing and playing nylon guitar, bass, and electric guitars, and Hannah Gilberg is sweetly singing along during the reprise. The Slow Loris is a fascinating, mysterious, sadly endangered animal.

Rotterdam and You (2013)

This is probably the closest I’ve ever come to a love song. As usual, I’m singing and playing nylon guitar. Adam Zimbardo is playing bass, electric guitars, and every other melodic sound. Michael Smethurst is singing backup. Most of the production was accomplished via Adam and I sending Garageband files back and forth while gigantic events happened, like he had two kids. Brian DeLizza is playing drums and did the final producing/engineering at Freq Lab, and we’re pleased as punch at how things turned out. Give it a spin!

Dedleh Deh (2013)

A quizzical, harmless instrumental. I’m playing nylon guitar and a few percussive sounds, and Adam Zimbardo is playing bass, robodrums, and electric guitars.

The Goat is Off Again (2010)

I have no idea what this song means. If you have an idea, let me know! Hannah Gilberg and I are singing, and I’m playing nylon guitar, robo-tuba, robo-sax, robo-drums, and percussion.

Don’t Pass the Vegetables (2008)

No sir. Me: Voice, guitars, bass, keyboards, robodrums, sticks. Hannah Gilberg and Michael Smethurst: Background vocals.

Quicksand Blues, Colma CA (2007)

Blues in E, on a slightly different planet. Me: Voice, guitars, bass, keyboards, robodrums. Hannah Gilberg: Background vocals. This one’s “done,” as a demo, that is to say all the elements are there, but the rhythm is kind of loose, to put it mildly.

Frére Jaques Sleeps In (2007)

A gimmick; give this a spin and you’ll get the idea. I’m playing guitar and singing-ing-ing. First I’d like to re-do this using voices other than mine, or at least using more than one track trebbled over itself. Then I’m hearing bass and percussion, and various other atmospheric instruments. “Sonnez les matines!,” if you know what I mean.

Wayo (1988)

Recorded looooong ago by good friend Adam Zimbardo. I sung and played nylon string guitar. Adam played slide, bass, and perhaps a guitar or two off in the background. And he’s singing on this too, but you might need to tilt your head a bit to hear it.

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