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Long, long ago I did the first version of this site, a static HTML deal that used Blogger to publish blog posts using FTP. It was humble, barebones, and sad, but it worked fine for my unambitious purposes. And then Blogger (Google) ended support for FTP, which took the proverbial batteries right out of the site and left it an awkward frozen state until I could figure out what to do, which was a long time for many technical and practical reasons that I won’t bore you with.

Eventually I decided to just redo this whole thing in WordPress, and even though I only had two wee posts, it pained my to just erase them (being a pack rat and continuity freak). So here they are:

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Don’t Pass the Vegetables Be Up
It’ s the absolute truth, and you can hear it right this very second on the Wavy Dice myspace space. Many thanks to the unrestrainable Michael Smethurst and the ineffable Hannah Weiss for lending their voices to this version.
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Friday, August 10, 2007

This Here Site Launches, and a MySpace Space
*Whew*. It feels really good to have finally put up WavyDice.Com, and thanks so much for stopping by. Here’s a brief timeline, by way of introduction, and repeating much of a similar post on the Wavy Dice MySpace Space.

Long Ago: Came up with quite a few songs and for the most part carried them around in my memory and performed and field-recorded a few here and there with various folks. I’m actually thinking of posting all the song-titles of the songs-in-progress, and I’m not sure why. To show off? Not really… I know that it’s just “air.” I think it’s just to intrigue you. I’d write little cryptic posts about my progress here and there, referring to the songs by name, building up the steam of anticipation until they are finally hearable. Hmmm…

More Recently: Got some rudimentary gear (A Mac, Garageband, an interface, a mic, a bass [whoo hoo], etc.) and decided to set about getting them all “down” so that others can actually hear them and so that some might want to help me develop them further.

5/3/07: Our son was born, which changed everything, of course! Not that his arrival was unexpected. We’re working on inculcating him with percussive skills, but of course he will be what he will be, percussionist, hurdy-gurdian, accountant, or what have you; we’re keeping a healthy sense of open-ness around our influence over him. Oh and also he requires about 110 percent of my time, and about 210 percent of my wife’s time, for the time being. In fact, by way of illustration, here’s a news flash: While dabbling with the words of this very post, he suddenly broke out of the blissful spell he was in while sitting in his vibrating, bouncy chair working on a binky, and it’s a good thing Blogger cheerfully saves drafts along the way. Several hours later and it’s back to it…

Later That Month: Was obsessed with getting Wavy Dice off the ground on the Internet, realizing I could then feed it bit by bit as time allowed.

7/7/07: Put up (*Whew*).

7/8/07: Put up that there MySpace space.

7/11/07: Uploaded the four tunes that the good people of MySpace allow you to upload, Quicksand Blues Colma CA, Frere Jaques Sleeps In, Don’t Pass the Vegetables, and The Goat is Off Again, and then realized that the latter two sounded BAD BAD BAD, so took ’em down for now. Makes me realize that when mixing one should mix for the lowest common denomenator PC speakers because if it sounds ok there, you’re good to go. More soon when I get the chance!

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